FOH Audio Engineer

During the 12-week tour of ‘Shrek the Musical’ in the Middle-East, Showcase Entertainment Group entrusted Keegan with providing top-notch audio engineering services. From Dammam in Saudi Arabia, to Kuwait, Dubai and Jeddah, Keegan brought the best out of the tour’s sound using the advanced Digico SD-Range of sound consoles.

In particular, the Dubai leg of the tour took place at the prestigious Dubai Opera House, one of the world’s most sought-after venues for live performances. With a nightly audience of over 2000 people, Keegan delivered flawless sound quality that impressed crowds and showcased the talent of the Kiwi team.

By partnering with Keegan, Showcase Entertainment Group ensured that ‘Shrek the Musical’ had the perfect audio experience for its Middle-Eastern tour, making it an unforgettable event for all who attended.

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Challenges faced

During a recent event, I encountered a sub-par audio system that presented a unique challenge. However, drawing on my expertise and experience, I was able to diagnose and solve the issue using Smaart v9 software, a powerful tool for measuring and analyzing sound.

Using Smaart v9, I was able to identify the specific frequency ranges and EQ adjustments needed to optimize the system’s settings and deliver high-quality sound that exceeded the expectations of the production team and audience.